Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a trekking paradise. With the top 10 highest summits in the world, vast natural beauty, and spectacular landscapes, trekking in Nepal is on a wish list for many trekkers. Nepal, a landlocked nation, situated between India and China, is one of a few countries in the world where such immense climatic and topographic diversity features so dramatically and is crammed into such a small geographical area. See more.

Nepal is the best destinations for trekkers universally. Travelers all around the world trekking has opportunities to experience the diverse culture and tradition of people of different ethnic group. Trekking in Nepal is a special and rewarding sport for mountain lovers allows to explore the true diverse range of flora and fauna, landscapes, living style of mountain people and to learn the adaptation of climate in thin air.

Trekking trails in Nepal pass through forests of rhododendron, bamboo and oak, through the sub-tropical region to alpine and different landscapes, lush alpine meadows and rocky snow covered passes, ice falls, glaciers, altitude above the tree-line and frozen lakes. Some of the trail are unmarked without sign posts which will also teach you to explore the trail and yourself in rugged terrine The trekking usually consists on average of 5 to 7 hours with all exploration rather not just heading towards your destination.

Trekking in Nepal is to discover unknown from the known, the mystical culture and varied religion. Many colorful festivals and & the different castes contribute in giving you vacations of an exceptional kind, moreover, the diverse lifestyle of the friendly people belonging to different ethnic groups inhabiting the mountain regions amaze you throughout the whole course of your trekking holidays in Nepal. The warm hospitality of the people living in these remote rugged mountains under some of the harshest conditions enchants you in such a way that they come every so often and build long term relationships with the fondest memories of Nepal throughout their life.

We at Adventure Gorkhaland have designed trekking itineraries that varies from on an average of three days to a month long adventure trek. The itinerary is prepared in such a way that any individual from low level of fitness to fitness fanatic can enjoy their visit.

Adventure Gorkhaland provides different packages to all the adventure and explorers with assortment of support, services and guiding through procedures with ensuring every penny worth and success in objective you yearn for. Safety is always our top of the list priorities consideration with any climb, trek or tour knowing your prerequisite and acquaintances during your excursion. Naturally it is much easier second time but it is much better to do it right for the record of your bucket list, it is cheaper, safer and more enjoyable. We would like to help you to quest further with money spend.


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