Home Stay Trek in Nepal

Home stay is a popular form of hospitality and lodging whereby visitors sleep at the residence of a local of the city to which they are traveling. The length of stay can vary from one night to over a year and can be free, in exchange for monetary compensation, in exchange for a stay at the guest's property either simultaneously or at another time (home exchange), or in exchange for housekeeping or work on the host's property.

Home Stay in Nepal can be one of the unforgettable moments of your life; Because Nepal has got diverse in culture, climate, custom, creature and community. Home stay generally worked out by the host and guest in advance and can include items such as the type of lodging, length of stay, housekeeping and household facilities, food to be provided, and rules related to smoking, drinking, and drugs. We warmly welcome you in our Nepali Homes with authentic tradition and customs of different family in their respected homes.

We are pleased to provide you experience of home stay in different part of Nepal with green environment, organic farms and food within the stay.

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